Bestpets Complete 10kg Cat Food Rich in Chicken 10kg

  • Rich in chicken protein for muscle
  • Complete dry food
  • Nutritionally balanced diet


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Bestpets complete dry 10kg cat food, is a nutritional powerhouse for your feline friend. Packed with chicken protein, essential for muscle development, this carefully formulated cat food ensures a well-rounded and balanced diet. Transitioning to the specifics, this 10kg cat food is a complete dry option, meeting all the dietary needs of adult cats.
Beyond its size and convenience, this 10kg cat food nutritionally balanced diet stands out as a rich source of chicken protein, a crucial element for your cat’s muscle health. Moreover, it’s a complete dry food solution, offering a hassle-free and convenient way to provide your cat with the necessary nutrients. This cat food is meticulously crafted to meet the dietary requirements of adult cats, whether they are lazing around or engaging in playful antics.
In addition to its rich chicken protein content, this 10kg cat food emphasizes a complete dry formula that encompasses all the essential nutrients. Transitioning into more specifics, it caters to muscle development, a key aspect of your cat’s overall well-being. As a nutritionally balanced diet, this cat food ensures that your feline companion receives the goodness it needs for a healthy and happy life. Opt for Bestpets brand cat food, and provide your cat with the balanced nutrition it deserves.

Nutritional Information:
Protein 28%, Fat Content 10%, Inorganic Matter 6%, Fibre 2.6%

Daily feeding guide:

Approximate Bodyweight

Recommended Daily Feed







Pregnant Cat

Up to 120g

Nursing Mother

Up to 350g


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Adult Cat

Pack Size / Weight Range

5kg to 10kg, 10kg to 20kg

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10kg, 10kg x 2


Complete Food


Rich in Chicken

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