Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Dog Dental Chews Medium Size – 28 Sticks

  • Clinically demonstrated to decrease tartar accumulation by as much as 80%
  • Delicately abrasive consistency
  • Green Tea Extract & Eucalyptus Oil for breath freshness
  • Low-fat formulation
  • No supplementary sugar
  • Devoid of artificial colors and flavors
  • Ideal for: Medium-sized dogs aged 4 months and above, weighing between 10kg – 25kg

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Pedigree DentaStix Fresh is crafted for prolonged chewing to maximize effectiveness. Its softly abrasive texture, along with active ingredients that synergize with your dog’s saliva, aids in diminishing plaque and tartar accumulation. With the infusion of Green Tea Extract and Eucalyptus Oil, it not only promotes fresher breath but also offers additional benefits beyond dental care.

With its distinctive X shape, Pedigree DentaStix Fresh, when included in your dog’s daily routine, has been scientifically validated to reduce tartar build-up by up to 80%. Providing both dental care and a delicious taste, it ensures your dog can focus on the essential joys of being a dog!




Mint, Green Tea Extract, Meat


Medium Dog


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