Sanicat Clumping White Cotton Fresh 10 Litre

  • EASY TO CLEAN:  The clumping formula makes cleaning your cat’s litter tray easy and fast, because the clumps form instantly and are easy to scoop out. Low dust emission, which makes it ideal for the homes of people sensitive to dust.
  • NATURAL: Sanicat Clumping cat litter is made of natural minerals, which makes it safe for your cat and gentle on its paws.


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Sanicat Clumping White is a high quality clump forming cat litter that is naturally white in appearance and has an added Cotton Fresh scent for everyday freshness. Enriched with oxygen to neutralise unpleasant odours. No dust and coarse granuals reduce tracking and is soft on your cats paws. Packaging is high quality FSC certified paper and 100% recyclable.

  • COMPACT CLUMPS: Sanicat ultra-clumping cat litter with extra absorption power. It creates compact clumps which are easy to scoop out, to keep the litter tray clean every day. The granules stick together when wet, forming compact clumps that trap and absorb the liquids and unpleasant odours.
  • GUARANTEED ODOUR CONTROL: The litter contains active oxygen, which helps to contain the unpleasant odours in your cat’s litter tray, keeping your home fresh and clean. Our oxygen odour control technology uses the natural power of the oxygenation process to neutralise and break down unpleasant odours. Scent of clean cotton for continuous freshness.
  • TRUST SANICAT:  Sanicat is a market leader with over 60 years’ experience making natural cat litter that is good for cats, homes and the planet



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