AniForte Mite-STOP Spray – Natural Mite Repellent 100ml

  • Against mites & other parasites
  • Effective defense & Prevention
  • As a contact or environmental spray
  • Made with essential oils


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Mite-STOP Spray is a 100% natural mite and insect repellent for dogs and cats. It provides protection without exposing your pet to any harmful toxins.

Benefits of Mite-STOP Spray:

  • Protects against mites and insects
  • 100% natural, preventing exposure to harmful chemical toxins
  • Prevents skin problems caused by mites and hair lice
  • Suitable for both young and adult pets

How does Mite-STOP Spray work?

Mites and lice can cause skin problems in both younger and older pets. A weak immune system, seasonal malting, mineral deficiency or metabolism problems are common causes for an infestation. Mite-STOP Spray contains a combination of oils that create an environment naturally repellent to mites and lice.

Note: Essential oils can cause skin irritation. Essential oils are not tolerated by cats when ingested orally. Only use the product in the specified dosage and type of application.


  • As a Contact Spray: Spray directly onto the animals’ fur, preferably on their back, at a distance of about 5 cm. Be sure to avoid the eyes and respiratory tract!
  • As an Environmental Spray: Spray in the immediate vicinity of the animals (resting place, bedding, etc.).
  • Preventive Measure: Dilute 100 ml in 900 ml water (1:9) and thoroughly spray the animals’ environment. Repeat every 1 to 2 weeks.
  • In Case of Acute Infestation: Apply the spray undiluted directly to the animals’ environment and on the animals’ back. Use daily.
  • Our Tip: Our AniForte® Mite-STOP Spray is suitable for dogs, cats, horses, and small animals in all variations. Due to the application quantity, we recommend smaller sizes for cats, smaller dogs, and small animals.
  • Shake well before use!

Note: Essential oils can cause skin irritation. Essential oils are incompatible with cats when ingested orally. Use the product only in the specified dosage and application method. Store in a cool, dry, and light-protected place. Shelf life after opening is 12 months.




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