Bestpets Lightweight Cat Litter – 30 Litre

  • An effective, easy-to-use, lightweight litter
  • Made with sepiolite, naturally absorbing liquids and odours
  • Ensures improved hygiene, changed at regular intervals
  • Helps to control unpleasant odours
  • Quickly absorbs moisture for an effective litter you can trust
  • Lightweight litter for convenient transporting
  • 30L contents


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This Bestpets lightweight cat litter is made with sepiolite, BestPets Lightweight Cat Litter is suitable for all breeds, easy to use and absorbs liquid and odours effectively for improved hygiene. It is recommended that the litter should be changed at regular intervals, with the tray being emptied and washed out with a mild disinfectant or detergent. Dry the tray thoroughly before replacing it with new litter.

Quickly absorbs moisture and controls unpleasant odours. Lightweight cat litter helps to keep your pet happy and healthy, and its effective absorption also makes it very hygienic.

Directions For Use:

  • Provide a litter tray large enough for your cat to use comfortably.
  • Pour in BestPets Lightweight cat litter to a depth of about 5cm.
  • Inspect the tray daily and using a scoop remove solids as necessary. Dispose of with the appropriate household waste.
  • Stir the litter occasionally to bring fresh granules to the surface.
  • At regular intervals the tray should be emptied completely and washed out with a mild detergent. Dry the tray thoroughly before filling with fresh BestPets Lightweight cat litter.


  • It is recommended that disposable or rubber gloves are worn when handling soiled litter.
  • Pregnant or nursing women should avoid contact with soiled litter.
  • Always wash your hands after handling the litter or emptying and cleaning the litter tray.
  • Keep litter and litter trays away from young children and babies.



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