Friendly Natural Cat Litter 20kg

  • A natural straw litter for cats
  • Made from British Straw which is a rapidly renewable resource
  • A clean, economic product for all breeds, that cares for your cat and the environment
  • Provides superior absorbency, up to 3 times more than traditional clay litters
  • A cost-effective option, with a formula that reduces the amount of litter required per tray
  • Easy to remove soiled product and litter
  • With added mint freshness for a more pleasant-smelling litter tray
  • Can be disposed of by flushing, digging in the garden or burning


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Friendly Natural Cat Litter has been developed to provide a highly absorbent clean economic product that, at the same time as giving comfort to your cat, cares for the environment.

Produced by Friendship Estates, Friendly Natural Cat Litter is unique in the fact that it is made from British Straw, a rapidly renewable resource.

    Friendly Natural Cat Litter is up to three times more absorbent than traditional clay litters, therefore reducing the amount of cat litter required and ensuring that odours are quickly absorbed.
    Only 1cm (1/2″) of Friendly Natural Cat Litter is needed in the bottom of the litter tray, allowing easy removal of soiled product, which, added to the increased absorbency, means that it is an economic replacement of clay litters.
    The product has added mint freshness.
    Soiled Friendly Natural Cat Litter can be easily removed from the tray and disposed of by flushing, digging in the garden or by burning



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